Confessing Animals

Sacred Rage: Rachel Puckett

November 02, 2021 Jen Harris & Vanessa Aricco Season 3 Episode 9
Confessing Animals
Sacred Rage: Rachel Puckett
Show Notes

Rachel Puckett is a lifestyle and wedding photographer residing in Columbus, Ohio, who has dreams bigger than her body can handle at the moment. When her 7th grade Biology teacher enthusiastically insisted the students were all scientists, her eyes lit up and she received the title in earnest and has looked at the world with curiosity and a hunger to understand ever since. Her love of writing and photography take root from the lineage of irreverent storytellers she comes from and she finds inspiration from artists who speak to the whole experience of humanity, rather than the blind sugar-coating that just scratches the surface of living. After spending the first 30 years of her life as a witness to the inner workings and intricacies, she’s now embracing her voice, however shaky and ill-equipped, to embody the richness of life and call to others who are seeking the same, knowing that intuition and communal suffering hold the treasures we seek.


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