Confessing Animals

Gospel of Courage: LA Roquemore

October 05, 2021 Jen Harris & Vanessa Aricco Season 3 Episode 5
Confessing Animals
Gospel of Courage: LA Roquemore
Show Notes

LA Roquemore is a writer, a conversationalist, a professional photographer, a mother, a wife, an asker of ALL the questions, a collector of moments, and an encourager of souls. She hosts writing workshops in Lakeland, Florida where she lives with her husband, her three kids, and their cat, and is launching a podcast called the Gospel of Courage very soon. 


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Seasoned and fresh-faced artists (of every genre) discuss how to make creativity work within the complexities and challenges of adult life. Confessing Animals podcast co-hosts Jen Harris + Vanessa Aricco, both working writers, unveil the secrets and struggles of creative living in a rapid fire capitalist society. One guest at a time, Jen + Vanessa ask, How Does Your Life Translate to Art?

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