Confessing Animals

The Invitation In the Liminality: John Raux

June 08, 2021 Jen Harris & Vanessa Aricco Season 2 Episode 7
Confessing Animals
The Invitation In the Liminality: John Raux
Show Notes

View John’s Painting that coincides with his Reading
the path between fields    fields the path between

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John Raux is a run on sentence with no drivers license cultivating a mess of plans, personal multi-media art practices, philosophical mumbo-jumbo, public installations, quality time deep dives outside, collaborative experiences, contemplative processes, and publications to inspire and provoke individuals and isolated communities from stasis and apathy into active cultural exchange and restored poetic imagination all the while traveling the globe on foot and by bicycle with his backpack full of tricks and food made for sharing. -my latest exhibition

Seasoned and fresh-faced artists (of every genre) discuss how to make creativity work within the complexities and challenges of adult life. In the Confessing Animals podcast, co-hosts Jen Harris + Vanessa Aricco, both working writers, unveil the secrets and struggles of creative living in a rapid-fire Capitalist society. One guest at a time, Jen + Vanessa ask, How Does Your Life Translate to Art?

All music provided by Ashley Raines

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